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  • Play game Against aliens Against aliens
    Against aliens

    Defend the Earth from aliens, robots and zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of the earth.

    alien games, robot games, zombie games

  • Play game My date Love Romance My date Love Romance
    My date Love Romance

    Hey, girls! New Barbie game for girls ahead! The Valentine's Day is near and as every year this romantic day is a new occasion fo ...

    romantic games, love games, dating games

  • Play game Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros
    Super Mario Bros

    Fun classic game Mario Bros, you have to direct Mario Bros on the road, watch the earth, and animals, you can earn points by catch ...

    Mario Bros games

  • Play game Chicken Coop: caring for chickens Chicken Coop: caring for chickens
    Chicken Coop: caring for chickens

    Fun game where the farmer has to meet the hens that lay eggs, you have to give corn, water, straw for the nest. Then collect the e ...

    farm games

  • Play game Soccer Five: Five football Soccer Five: Five football
    Soccer Five: Five football

    Fun football 3D game, choose your team and faces the other teams in a football championship, each team has its characteristics and ...

    miniclip games, 3d games

  • Play game Snail Bob: world of snails Snail Bob: world of snails
    Snail Bob: world of snails

    Help Bob the snail on your journey, you have to walk carefully, you can protect it in its shell when it is released from a height ...

    snails games, animal games

  • Play game Candy at Disneyland Candy at Disneyland
    Candy at Disneyland

    Candy is happy! Today is a great day for Candy is going to go to disneyland to visit a miki and minie his two favorite drawings an ...

    Baby games, kids games

  • Play game Win the race Win the race
    Win the race

    In this race you have pass obstacles and reach where cameras await you to win.We are your can be the best.

    Racing games

  • Play game Beach Wedding Fashion Beach Wedding Fashion
    Beach Wedding Fashion

    This cute bride and groom love the sea, so have decided to marry on the beach, you have to dress both for their marriage.

    wedding games

  • Play game Babysitting: Caring for babies Babysitting: Caring for babies
    Babysitting: Caring for babies

    Today we're going to hire to babysitting job, you have to take care of the babies, give him his bottle and change his diaper, and ...

    babysitter games, baby caring

  • Play game Mutant Mutant

    Is a fun game, you must first choose the mutant of your choice, and then you will have to fight and so the level of your character ...

    Classic games, adventure games

  • Play game Waffle boy Waffle boy
    Waffle boy

  • Play game Couple perfect dress up Couple perfect dress up
    Couple perfect dress up

    Mike and Anne are getting married. They are very happy. You have to choose the clothes to wear on the her wedding day. It's best ...

    couples games, wedding games

  • Play game Crystal Solitaire Crystal Solitaire
    Crystal Solitaire

    Have fun with this online card game plays the classic solitaire.

  • Play game Greg Maniacs: Crazy above wheels Greg Maniacs: Crazy above wheels
    Greg Maniacs: Crazy above wheels

    Madmen are taken over the ciudad.tu you can be the best maniac and Acrobat with the bicycle and thus win the race.Your can.

    Bike games, Adventure games, Fun games, bicycle racing

  • Play game Soccer Stars: The super eleven Soccer Stars: The super eleven
    Soccer Stars: The super eleven

    Compete to be the champion and become a football star!, Fun game based on the anime The Super Eleven, you can choose between 6 tea ...

    big-headed football games, miniclip games, 3D football games, online soccer games

  • Play game Pepsi Cola Football Pepsi Cola Football
    Pepsi Cola Football

    These famous football players have to record a commercial for Pepsi Cola Company, you have to make them pop the balloons and stars ...

    football games, ball games

  • Play game city ​​tour by bike city ​​tour by bike
    city ​​tour by bike

    Drive this bike with the arrow keys, this game is in 3D, you can do tricks and much more.

    shockwave games, 3D games, bike games

  • Play game Playful kitten Playful kitten
    Playful kitten

    This little cat is bored at home, have fun messing up the room, take care that his master caught.

    kittens games, pet games

  • Play game My Home 2 My Home 2
    My Home 2

  • Play game Friends forever Friends forever
    Friends forever

    Two of the best friends of Ruth and Carolina son she is known from small and son ah best friends until today and always will be. T ...

    Dress up games, fashion games, girls games, housewife games

  • Play game Pro Football Pro Football
    Pro Football

    How many touchdowns can you score?

  • Play game Highway Crash: Car crash Highway Crash: Car crash
    Highway Crash: Car crash

    Car game, you have driving the car on the highway, using the brakes and rudder. Dodge cars so that you avoid accidents.

    cars crash games

  • Play game Diner City Diner City
    Diner City

  • Play game Snowmen Invaders Snowmen Invaders
    Snowmen Invaders

    Throw the biggest snowballs to defeat the evil snow creatures!

  • Play game couple in concert couple in concert
    couple in concert

    This pair of singers and musicians, will be presented in a spectacular concert and big, you have to dress each one separately, cho ...

    didi games, music concerts games

  • Play game circus animals funny circus animals funny
    circus animals funny

    Funny game where you must match three same animal cages to go away. Your goal is to form groups of three animals to earn points.

    circus animals games

  • Play game World Basketball Championship World Basketball Championship
    World Basketball Championship

    Brewfest World Championship of Basketball. You have to prove your skills that you have in this sport.

    basketball games, NBA

  • Play game Fish market: Job Games Fish market: Job Games
    Fish market: Job Games

    Lizzie has found a job in a shop selling fish, has to attend to all the clients who come to buy fish for cooking, quickly attends ...

    job games

  • Play game Wakeboard Pro Wakeboard Pro
    Wakeboard Pro

    Surf the waves of the sea, they spend all levels and achieve victory.

  • Play game Ragged House: Cleaning house Ragged House: Cleaning house
    Ragged House: Cleaning house

    Fun game where an employee has to clean the house every day has to do their job, to go up in rank.

    cleaning houses games

  • Play game The hostage rescue The hostage rescue
    The hostage rescue

    You have been given a mission to rescue the hostages who took the opposing team must rescue as many hostages for points.

  • Play game Fashionable housewife Fashionable housewife
    Fashionable housewife

    Diana is a housewife, likes to always look good and is pending in the latest fashion, before going to clean the House, she wants t ...

    housewife games

  • Play game Level Editor 2: Block games Level Editor 2: Block games
    Level Editor 2: Block games

    Fun game of blocks, you have to put blocks in the holes in order to get stars, was quick to get all the stars and spend levels.

    blocks games

  • Play game Ultimate Flash Sonic Ultimate Flash Sonic
    Ultimate Flash Sonic

    Have fun with this great Sonic game, test your skills at all levels.

    sonic games

  • Play game Super Billiards Super Billiards
    Super Billiards

    I like playing pool? with this fabulous game you can play online pool.

  • Play game Sydney Shark Sydney Shark
    Sydney Shark

    On the beaches of Sydney in Australia, there are many sharks, this shark is doing some tricks on the beach in Sydney.

    Sydney, sharks, Australia, beaches, Sydney Shark

  • Play game eat fish eat fish
    eat fish

    Fun game where you have to eat all the fish that are smaller than you. If you're dealing with larger fish like sharks you will lo ...

    fish games

  • Play game Ocean Park Village: decorate Ocean sirens Ocean Park Village: decorate Ocean sirens
    Ocean Park Village: decorate Ocean sirens

    These beautiful sirens have their home in the ocean, now you have to decorate the home of the sirens, you have to put the fish and ...

    sirens games, Mermaid barbie

  • Play game Super Soccer Star: Football shootout Super Soccer Star: Football shootout
    Super Soccer Star: Football shootout

    Fun football game, you have to launch penalties, calculate the direction, height and the power of the launch. You don't have to f ...

    penalties games, soccer games

  • Play game Susan's room clean Susan's room clean
    Susan's room clean

    Susan has left her room a mess, his mother sent him clean room, but the will to punish, susan helps to tidy her room.

    room order games

  • Play game Penguin's beak: Penguins on ice race Penguin's beak: Penguins on ice race
    Penguin's beak: Penguins on ice race

    Compete against the best of penguins on the slopes of the finish line. Fun 3D game, choose the Penguin with which you want to comp ...

    racing on ice, Penguin games, animal racing, 3d animals, Miniclip

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